Ugg Shoes, the right investment for the winter

Ugg synonymous with winter. If you are looking for an ideal shoe for the coldest periods of the year, surely Ugg shoes can be for you.

The shoes of this brand are perfect for cold and snowy days, because in addition to guaranteeing the right comfort to the foot, they transmit a lot of heat. UGG shoes are a real investment, they are resistant and waterproof and they really look good with any outfit. Women, men and children can enjoy this shoe and once put on their feet in the winter, they will hardly be able to take it off.


In fact, however, it is the Ugg Mini that have become the must-have shoes of winter 2021-2022.

Haven’t you seen them yet? We are talking about ankle boots with a very low shaft, a flat and non-slip sole, a round toe and a fairly wide sole. In black and camel, these shoes have officially entered the wishlist of fashion addicts and above all of the stars who cannot do without them by now.

But why does everyone go crazy for Ugg Mini?

They certainly don’t give a touch of femininity like a boot with a high leg and heel, but what these shoes give is definitely comfort. They are now a classic of the street style look. They can be worn with a jumpsuit or with a pair of jeans, preferably skinny so as to reveal the ankle.


It is the great personalities of the show who recommend shoes that make the difference between trend and comfort.

To do it with Ugg shoes is Cher, who has given her face for the new advertising campaign. The brand has in fact inaugurated 2022 with Feel, a series that wants to put the spotlight on the daily lives of the most influential individuals and the emotions they arouse with small gestures. Between culture and personality it is the expression of one’s individuality that is the protagonist. Cher is filmed in her villa in Malibu with a pair of Uggs on her feet, between a call to her mother and a mini cinema in her living room, the star tells about her day. The moment that cat touches her shoes, Ugg‘s demands increase and everyone wants Cher’s shoes.


For those who have not yet bought a pair of Ugg Shoes and Ugg Mini we can confirm that they have a regular fit. After many years as official Ugg online retailers, is proud to confirm that this footwear is one of the most loved and promoted. The availabilities are different between color variants and models, for women and children. With just one click on our online shop you can buy your pair of Ugg Mini and receive them at your home in just 24 hours. Do not miss this opportunity and experience comfort with a pair of trendy and warm Ugg shoes.

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