NeroGiardini: contemporary and traditional in the new F/W 2023-202 collection

NeroGiardini: contemporary and traditional in the new F/W 2023-202 collection4

NeroGiardini renews itself while keeping up with tradition. Yes, it may sound like nonsense, but it is hard to find a better phrase than this to describe the new collection of the renowned Made in Italy brand.

NeroGiardini‘s is a shoe that, for over fifty years, has changed in form while remaining the same in quality and attention to detail. It is not a shoe that tires, that goes unnoticed, that disappoints: it is NeroGiardini, full stop.


And this year, too, it amazes us. In the new fall/winter 2023-2024 collection, the brand shows us its very personal and highly original take on this season’s trends, demonstrating the true meaning of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Curious? Then read on to find out more!

Elegance wears NeroGiardini

Always elegant in its simplicity, NeroGiardini reconfirms itself as a classy brand at affordable prices. From boots to ankle boots and loafers, there is not a single shoe that disappoints the sense of taste. It is a fact and there is little to argue about: whatever the time, you will find a shoe to suit the occasion. Of course, always chic!


So let’s discover this season’s top models. We at Fratinardi are sure that among them there is the perfect shoe for each of you.

Never too young for… loafers

When we were little, we used to see our grandmothers wearing loafers all the time. Unconsciously, we convinced ourselves that they were shoes for people older than us. Well, we had to change our minds: you are never too young for loafers. I realised this too late and decided to buy them this year. NeroGiardini certainly gave us a little push with its fantastic models.

mocassini con tacco cuoio

With or without platforms and even heels, they are perfect for the office, evening outings, aperitifs… Maybe not for the gym, but certainly suitable for any other occasion!

Man or woman, you can’t not have at least one pair in your shoe cupboard. And if you don’t have any, or for you moccasins are never enough, you just have to choose a model!

Let’s start with the classic: low loafers with metal details for her and simple but elegant for him. Always 100% genuine leather and always fashionable. Perfect for whatever occasion you want to be chic and practical without ever going wrong.

mocassino beige nerogiardini

nerogiardini mocassini testa di moro

Always magnificent and certainly more special are the block heel loafers designed for her. Whether black, brown or beige, they are comfortable and elegant at the same time. Perfect under cigarette trousers or midi-cut skirts, we recommend buying them from the Marella or Gai Mattiolo dress line:

More in line with the new trends, however, is the loafer with platform. Much loved by younger girls, it is usually paired with jeans, skirts and dresses that are less sophisticated but still have a great effect.

Ankle boots

These shoes have the extraordinary ability to give style even to that old pair of jeans buried in the wardrobe for centuries and which, despite the worn fabric, we insist on not throwing away. Yes, we all have one. No, we won’t throw it away. We might as well wear it, it’s so street-style, and why not, precisely with NeroGiardini ankle boots.

Let’s see together what the brand offers us for this fall/winter.


Easy and basic. Easy to match. Perfect for almost any situation… They’re the kind of shoe a woman’s shoe cupboard can’t be without. A safety net, that is, for those slightly casual chic evenings when you don’t feel like getting ready.

Trousers, black ankle boots, jumper and you fly!

And while we fly, here are the models proposed by NeroGiardini:


Here we go more on the elegant side. Stiletto heels and the like have the ability to lend elegance to any shoe and consequently to your outfit, even the most casual. Paired with a skirt, the kind that is soft and not too short, they create a great bon ton outfit and are ideal for experimenting with unique combinations that you had never thought of. Let’s take a look at the models in this collection:


Finally, let’s talk about them. A little more casual, with a simple line and few details, NeroGiardini‘s are suitable for rainy autumn days, as well as colder winter days, where double socks become the norm.
Perfect under a pair of jeans as well as a skirt, they are perfect for more informal outings.

Our star brand offers them to us in several variations, from mid-calf to knee-length. However, if there is one thing NeroGiardini does not lose, it is the simplicity that characterises it, where simple is a compliment. Minimal is an added value: it allows you to always be elegant and never out of place.


Without a doubt, NeroGiardini is the choice for you! Simple, fashionable shoes that can be worn under any outfit and on any occasion.

Craftsmanship, Made in Italy quality, class and elegance are put at your disposal in these models as in others. Giving up such a shoe means depriving yourself of something unique and we at Fratinardi don’t want that to happen! What are you waiting for to buy NeroGiardini?

You can find the brand on our website and in our shops in Battipaglia (Salerno). In addition to NeroGiardini, you can choose from many other brands such as Geox and Hogan. Come and visit us, our shop assistants and personal shopper will be ready to help you find the shoe that’s right for you!

Geox focuses on women: Penelope Cruz first brand ambassador

Geox focuses on women: Penelope Cruz first brand ambassador

The years of the pandemic were also difficult for Geox, and after some hesitation, the big investment was made: a rebranding campaign, starting with women. And who could be better chosen as a testimonial than Penelope Cruz?

Beautiful, brilliant and talented, this is not the first time the Oscar-winning actress has approached the world of fashion (remember Carpisa?), always accompanied by her inseparable sister Monica. The Cruzes have teamed up to design the new Geox collection, with modern lines and autumnal tones.


The collaboration

A lover of fashion since she was a child, the collaboration born between the Spanish actress and Geox is something you don’t expect but when it is there you wonder why it wasn’t there before.

Let’s be clear: before Cruz, Geox was already able to create quality and fashionable shoes by itself, but the Spanish actress (who designed the new capsule together with her sister) seems to have given an extra touch to the brand. An undoubtedly winning collaboration, perfectly in line with the Italian group’s strategy of targeting the women’s market.

Indeed, who better to talk to women than Cruz? She has energy and personality and has never hidden her human side: she knows how to please people. Perfect for Geox’s communication strategy, which has decided to have her design two seasons. Not only fall/winter 2023-2024, therefore, but also next spring/summer 2024 will see her stylist for the brand.


The new collection

Charming and fashionable, simple but feisty: these are the key words that best describe the capsule designed by the Cruz sisters.

The quality and comfort typical of GEOX, thanks to the breathable sole technology, blend with the timeless taste of Penelope and Monica. These shoes are perfect for supporting the foot in everyday challenges, whether it be a day at work, at the park with your dog or playing with your children.

A collection created by women for women. Always active and on the move, Geox aims to support them (literally) in their daily lives and in doing so, pays attention to style.


Not only Penelope Cruz at Fratinardi

Not only the new capsule by Penelope Cruz: at Fratinardi you will find a wide choice!

Geox shoes are more than just shoes: the patented technology of the breathable sole brings a series of not inconsiderable benefits to the foot.

This allows moisture to escape from the shoe, leaving the foot always dry. Perfect for men and women, they are ideal for facing the hectic rhythm of everyday life, whether it’s a long day at work or looking after the kids: Geox is with you.

Do you need a beautiful yet comfortable trainer, perfect for every hour of the day? Then the GEOX SPHERICA line is for you! The patented spherica technology allows you to combine comfort and style in a single shoe. This is thanks to a sphere placed in the centre of the sole that cushions shocks while walking, supporting the foot throughout the day.


This technology is designed for dynamic people who spend most of their day on their feet and have long walks planned. The SPHERICA line is aimed at both men and women and are ideal for active work and outings that involve a lot of time walking.

Not only trainers for him but also calf boots: they combine Geox’s innovative technology with class and elegance.

Similar to the SPHERICA technology, but designed for medium active people is the AERANTIS technology: thanks to the larger holes in the sole it allows better thermoregulation inside the shoe. It is activated by movement and comfort is maximised thanks to the optimised sole with geometric patterns:stivaletto uomo geox

For those who cannot renounce comfort but also elegance, on the other hand, the SIRON moccasin, in suede and visible stitching, is ideal: whether for a ceremony or work in the office, it is definitely the ideal choice.

mocassino siron uomo geox

More simple and youthful is the VELLETRI trainer: made of leather with contrasting details, it is designed for young adults who do not want to renounce the fashion and practicality typical of Geox.

geox velletri sneakers uomo

For women, on the other hand, there is ILDE: the comfortable and fashionable trainer that, with its slight wedge, adds an extra touch to the shoe (and a few centimetres, I say this especially to the shorter ones)

Similar are the KENSY, practical and lightweight trainers:

Not just adult

Geox really thinks of everyone: children really are close to the company’s heart. If for adults the attention to detail and quality is utmost, for the little ones it exceeds all limits.

Ankle boots, trainers, amphibians and ballerinas: shoes suitable for every occasion, designed for little girls who are always in movement, who can’t resist running in any situation. Geox supports them in their adventures, whether they are at school or out walking with their parents, supporting their little adventurous steps.

And the same goes for boys, who are energetic and always ready to make new discoveries. For them too, Geox exceeds in quality and design, creating a unique shoe whose sole purpose is to accompany the child in daily activities. Running in the park will no longer be a problem for their little feet: the breathable sole will keep them from sweating and allow them to enjoy every moment in comfort.


As we have seen, Geox is the shoe for everyone: simple yet elegant, where quality and comfort have been the cornerstones of every creation since the company was founded in the 1990s.

Made in Italy and fashion are often synonymous and remain so in the Cruz sisters’ new capsule.

It is no coincidence to find Geox in shops and on the Fratinardi website: we have always been committed to selecting exceptionally well-made clothes and shoes, for him, for her and for the little ones.

Even for this fall/winter 2023-2024 season, we have strived to find you the best shoes on the market, suitable for every occasion: among them, how could Geox be missing? But in case this brand is just not for you, then look for the ideal shoe among our other top brands: Hogan, NeroGiardini and Valleverde are just some of those available at Fratinardi. You can find us in Battipaglia (Salerno, Italy), in our physical stores, and online at!

Hobo Bags: five reasons to follow the fall/winter 2023-2024 trend

Hobo Bags: five reasons to follow the fall/winter 2023-2024 trend

Once again this year, they are a must-have. In the new fall/winter 2023-2024 collections, hobo bags are a must! You can’t resist them, and yet, there are still those who haven’t decided to buy them.

For all those who haven’t yet, we at Fratinardi are here, ready to explain why you can’t renounce a beautiful hobo bag.

Original, quirky, iconic, colourful… With a banana instead of a handle (why? I don’t know, you’d have to ask Puppets&Puppets that)…

Hobo bags look good on everything (and everyone), they have a fascinating history, a soft shape and there are ones for all tastes and occasions.

Ready to discover the five reasons to follow this trend?

puppets and puppets


Number 1: They have a pretty good story

Hoboes are not born as bags, they become them.

Their history begins with the farmers of the United States of America and the tramps of the Great Depression. The term was perhaps coined from a fusion of the terms hoe boy or hoy boy, which in the 1930s took on the meaning of hobo.

At that time, it was not uncommon to see people travelling in cargo trains in search of fortune, collecting all their belongings in a bag tied to a stick.

To understand this, here is a photo of the time:

But it was the great Made in Italy fashion house Gucci that made it an accessory in the 1960s, becoming Jackie Kennedy‘s favourite handbag! With its soft lines and crescent shape, how can you resist the allure of a hobo?


Number 2: Suitable for all hours

Whether it’s for a day at the office, an aperitif in the city centre or an evening with your other half, hobo bags are never too much!

Do you need to carry your diary, lunchbox and all your tricks to get through an exciting day at work? Then this Ermanno Scervino hobo bag is for you! Available in both black and white, it allows you to be chic even when you want to pull your hair out of your head from too much work:

borsa ermanni scervino hobo

For those times when only a credit card, mobile phone or tissues can suffice, there is always Ermanno Scervino, with its range of minibags, ideal for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends:

Number 3: They are for all tastes

Whether you want a minimal, formal or extravagant style, such a bag can satisfy you.

Simple plain or studded with fringes, it doesn’t matter: everything you want can be found in a hobo bag, like in this fantastic Liu Jo.



Number 4: They also have a shoulder strap

Don’t underestimate the power of the shoulder bag, ever.

On hectic mornings it can really save your life: you sling it over your shoulder and it won’t fall off as you run to catch the bus. Not to mention those evenings when you’re up for hours, standing in the crowd dancing and having fun with your friends. Would you really spend them with your bag in one hand and a cocktail in the other?

The hobo bags here at all have shoulder straps, do I really need to give you more reasons to buy them all?

bora hobo ermanno scervino


Number 5: They know how to be essential

No extra detail, none less. Hobo bags are exactly what you need. The same model can be casual and elegant, chic and essential.

They are a versatile accessory that you can hardly do without and if in its reinterpretations it has been winning over customers and maisons since the Sixties, there must be a reason!




As we have seen, hobo bags are very special and there really is something for everyone! This new (old) trend really has a lot to tell and can be more than versatile. Not to mention that the bag we choose can really tell a lot about us (especially how we wear it)!

Then, they are perfect to match our Dr. Martens shoes and Liu Jo trainers, as well as Marella and Gai Mattiolo dresses.

But if hobo bags really don’t convince you, we refer you to the fall/winter trends where you can choose the bag that’s right for you! And you already know where to buy it: in our store in Battipaglia (Salerno, Italy) or on

Paris Fashion Week 2023: five spring-summer 2024 trends to absolutely copy

Paris Fashion Week 2023: five spring-summer 2024 trends to absolutely copy

Ending on 3 October, Paris Fashion Week did not disappoint this year either, bringing unique pieces and looks to the catwalk that must absolutely get inspired by!

From white shirts worn lazily but always with style, to micro-micro shorts that leave no limits to the imagination, let’s discover together five trends you can’t give up in spring/summer 2024.


paris fashion week



As Dior teaches, there are colour combinations that never die. One of these is definitely the black-white combo.

Leave the colours in the wardrobe, at least when you go to work, and make room for white shirts worn with studied ‘laziness‘. Open at the front, seemingly falling off, match them with structured and geometric trousers and skirts, strictly black!

Balmain, Dior and Peter Do show us how to match these garments:


Like Sandy in the end of Grease, cover yourself in leather from head to toe and run to conquer not the handsome guy on duty, but the streets of your city!

In his fashion show, Rick Owens takes us through leather clothes and futuristic looks that are not exactly suitable for everyday life, while clearing customs on a material that is often considered only for winter or in any case not very suitable for summer.


So go for leather bodices, as well as skirts, dresses and trousers for a casual and sexy look. Then don’t forget the leather jacket, to stay in theme even on cooler evenings. They will hardly forget you!




Creating wonderful bouquets, Balmain uses leather, plastic and fabric to cover dresses and bags with colourful three-dimensional flowers.

But that’s not all! They also come back as prints of dresses with vintage tones revisited, looking like something straight out of the 1950s.



For this spring/summer 2024, Miu Miu and Isabel Marant leave no room for the imagination, offering dresses and shorts that are as short as they can be.

So let’s unleash freedom and show our legs without shame, as climate change looms and next summer will be decidedly hot.




And speaking of climate change, Stella MCCartney brings us a new totally green line, with natural fabrics appearing on the catwalk for the first time. One of these is kelsun, a yarn obtained from seaweed that does not harm the environment.

Yes, green is also a trend, with garments close to Generation Z and its ideals, which does not neglect style and does not fail to follow trends.


Broadly speaking, this is how we will be dressing next spring: sensuality, elegance and quality are the keywords of Paris Fashion Week. We at Fratinardi have taken note of them and look forward to bringing them to you via our trusted brands, such as Relish, 4GIVENESS and Marella.

Let’s not forget, though, that we are in autumn and before thinking about the next season, we still have to fill our wardrobes for the current one. To do this, of course, there’s us and our online shop!

5 must-haves for preparing the perfect layette for your baby

5 must-haves for preparing the perfect layette for your baby


There is nothing sweeter for an expectant mother than buying the first baby clothes for the newborn baby: wandering around the shops, choosing the softest and cutest onesies, imagining your baby wearing them… This is where the first doubts arise.

Which material is most suitable? Buttons at the back or at the front? Socks yes or socks no? The questions are potentially endless and getting out of them seems impossible. Or nearly!

That is why we at Fratinardi have decided to help all mothers-to-be (and not only!) in their search for the perfect layette for winter.

Corredino: what is it and what is it for?

Among the most tender things to buy during pregnancy, the layette is usually given as a gift to new parents, but more and more mothers are choosing to buy it themselves.

It includes all the useful items for baby’s hygiene in the first months and the necessary clothes:

  • covers;
  • caps;
  • towels;
  • underwear (T-shirts, bodysuits…);
  • dresses and onesies;
  • bibs;
  • socks;
  • changing mat; dummies; feeding bottles; nappies…

Corredino Maglificio di Verona

It serves to prepare mum and dad for every eventuality and need of the little one, and don’t worry in case something is missing: you can always buy it later. The important thing is that you have the essential items with you to welcome him into his new home.

And if we at Fratinardi can’t offer you a changing table and dummy, we can certainly help you with the rest!


A newborn baby cannot tell you if it is cold or hot, you will have to figure that out. How?

One of the most common methods is certainly to touch the nape of the neck and the neck of the baby, if these are too warm or cold, then you will have to cover or uncover the baby accordingly.

The ideal is to use a blanket that can be taken off and put on when needed, preferably made of wool or chenille, or in any case soft fabrics that will not irritate your baby’s skin.

For you, we have selected these from Maglificio di Verona, made of 100% pure virgin Merino wool, which will keep your baby warm in the winter months.


copertina gialla Maglificio di Verona

copertina rosa Maglificio di Verona



And no, not because your babies are already fashion addicts, but out of pure practical sense: babies tend to get dirty a lot. They regurgitate, they drool and… well, we won’t go into details. Just know that you will need them so that you are never unprepared!

The real question is: how to choose them? There are many different types: full jumpsuits, separates (jersey and trousers), footless jumpsuits, open at the back, at the front, at the bottom, without a collar, with a collar… We could go on and on!

There is no single criterion for choosing, other than assessing how you are most comfortable when changing and which baby prefers (his cries will let you know, don’t worry). The important thing is to choose warm, natural fabrics, especially if the baby is born in the middle of winter, such as wool and warm cotton.

In our decades of experience, we feel we must recommend these models:

The Maglificio di Verona footless sleepsuit is perfect to combine with birth shoes to keep little feet warm! Both made of virgin wool, they are perfect for tackling the winter cold and giving tenderness to your little bundle of love! We show it to you in cream, but other colours are also available.

tutina panna senza piedi Maglificio di Verona


The Nanan one-piece onieses, on the other hand, is made of cotton. They are available with or without collar depending on your and your child’s preferences!

tutina nanan panna e a scacchi bianchi e neri


 tutina rossa in cotone Nanan con colletto

For those who prefer the normal jumpsuit, we have selected some garments from Maglificio di Verona, again in virgin wool, to match our birth shoes from the same collection!

maglioncino maglificio di Verona


pantalone maglificio di Verona

scarpine nascita Maglificio di Verona



Babies move around a lot and their little jerks risk causing the nappy to move! The ideal way to keep him still is to use a bodysuit.

Always made of natural materials, in colder seasons we recommend it in warm cotton and long sleeves, like this one by Kioki.

body kioki




An essential element in a newborn’s layette, they serve to prevent stains on their pretty clothes. Indeed, it is likely that the baby will regurgitate milk after eating and so it will be easier and more immediate to clean them and their clothes.


For you, we have selected bibs from the Coccodè line, made of cotton with a button fastening.

bavaglino coccodè

And Nanan, with its cute prints!

bavaglino Nanan




To protect the forehead and ears from blows during the winter months, a good hat is without doubt ideal! It does not squeeze the baby’s little head, which is still soft after birth, and keeps it warm during the first outings.


Nanan and Maglificio di Verona have created some very cute ones, perfect for the colder seasons.


cappello Nanan


cappello maglificio di VeronaConclusion


Whether the baby is your own or you are looking for the perfect gift, a layette is always a welcome present and with this mini-guide you certainly won’t be able to go wrong when choosing your purchases!

For more models and much more for your baby, we look forward to seeing you in our store in Battipaglia (Salerno, Italia) and online at!

Hogan shoes New Collection A-I 2023-24: footwear between comfort and high quality


Autumn-winter 2023-24 is coming, and with it a new collection of Hogan shoes for women looking to combine comfort, style and elegance. Let’s discover it together.

Hogan has long been an icon in the footwear world, known for its impeccable quality and refined design. This new collection promises to exceed all expectations, bringing freshness and innovation to women’s footwear fashion. In this article, we will explore some of the most striking trends and designs of Hogan women’s shoes for autumn-winter 2023-24.

Hogan Shoes: Sneakers Between Comfort and Style Together

Sneakers have now become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and the new Hogan collection offers a wide range of options. From classic Interactive leather models to bolder versions with metallic detailing and thick soles, there’s a shoe for every taste and occasion. Hogan trainers are renowned for their comfort and this collection is no exception. You’ll be able to tackle your busiest days with style and agility.

Hogan Shoes: Stylish Ankle Boots for your Winter

As colder weather arrives, ankle boots become a wardrobe essential. The Hogan collection presents versatile ankle boots that fit perfectly with any look, from casual to more formal wear. High-quality materials and sophisticated details make these ankle boots a must-have for the autumn and winter season.

Hogan Shoes: A Touch of Elegance for Every Occasion with Loafers

If you are looking for more elegant shoes to complete your look, the Hogan collection also offers a wide selection of loafers and ballet shoes. These models are ideal for the office or for a special evening. You will find loafers with metal detailing and ballerinas in eye-catching colours that go perfectly with any outfit.

Hogan Shoes: High Quality Materials and Tailoring Details

Hogan is synonymous with quality and attention to detail, and the new A-W 2023-24 collection does not disappoint. Each pair of shoes is crafted from premium materials and carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit and exceptional durability. From the sartorial details to the luxurious finishes, these shoes embody Italian elegance flawlessly.

Hogan Shoes: Colour and Design Trends

In terms of colours, Hogan’s A-W 2023-24 collection features a range of eye-catching shades, from classic neutral tones to bold, vibrant colours. Unique details and accents give each pair of shoes a distinctive touch, allowing you to express your personality through your style.

Hogan shoes: How to choose your size?

Hogan shoes have on the inside of the tongue, the number imprinted, which belongs to the UK size scale. So how can you tell which is the corresponding Italian or European size? It’s really simple, just follow the size scale available below:

In conclusion, the new Hogan women’s shoe collection A-W 2023-24 is a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable pair of trainers for daytime or an elegant ankle boot for evening, Hogan offers a range of options that will suit your tastes and needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your style with these extraordinary shoes.

Don’t wait any longer. Discover the Hogan women’s collection A-I 2023-24 and get ready to make your wardrobe shine this autumn and winter season.

Bag Trends Autumn-Winter 2023-24: New Collections Not to Be Missed

Autumn and winter are seasons steeped in glamour and style, and with the arrival of new bag collections for the 2023-24 Autumn-Winter season, fashionistas the world over are ready to unveil bold and sophisticated new looks. The international catwalks have given us a spectacle of innovative designs, high-quality materials and eye-catching details. In this article, we explore the latest handbag trends for the cold season and discover the most fascinating creations that fashion houses have to offer.

Bag Trends: Sought-after and Sustainable Materials

In the A-W 2023-24 season, there is a strong emphasis on high quality and sustainable materials. Bags made of fine leathers are the undisputed protagonists, but with a focus on ethics and sustainability. Many fashion houses are adopting top-quality synthetic leathers, which not only spare animals but also allow for greater control over production and durability. Liu Jo for her and Piquadro for him, are brands always adopted by Fratinardi as they completely reflect the spirit and objective of the brand: protecting the environment and spreading the right message.

Bag Trends: Iconic Colours and Autumn Shades

The bag colours for the A/W 2023-24 season are inspired by the warm and cosy tones of autumn and winter. From classic shades of chocolate brown and burgundy to unexpected surprises like sage green and midnight blue, the new collections present a wide range of colours to suit every taste. These shades can be found in the new Furla collection, in unique and sophisticated designs for the enterprising woman or in the new GUESS collection for those who prefer to express their trendy soul.

Bag Trends: Structured Shapes and Innovative Designs

The bags for the 2023-24 autumn-winter season feature structured shapes and bold designs. From tote bags with clean lines and defined corners to shoulder mini-bags with metallic details, this season’s bags are true masterpieces of design. There are also oversize versions, perfect for those who want a touch of elegance without sacrificing functionality.

Handbag Trends: Details That Make the Difference

Details are what transform a bag from ordinary to extraordinary. In the A-W 2023-24 season, details are in the foreground: from decorative buckles to faux fur inserts, via metal chains and clip fastenings, every small element contributes to creating unique and unforgettable bags.

Bags Trends: Versatility and Functionality

In addition to aesthetics, this season’s bags also stand out for their versatility and functionality. Many designers have created bags that can be worn in multiple ways: hand-held, over the shoulder or as a backpack. This versatility makes them suitable for different occasions, from the office to a night out. Liu Jo, Love Moschino or Guess bags and accessories are the stars of this new collection thanks to a multitude of models that are increasingly practical and comfortable enough to make every woman fall in love.

The new bag collections for the Fall-Winter 2023-24 season embody the spirit of elegance and innovation. With sustainable materials, embracing colours, bold designs and carefully crafted details, these bags are more than just accessories: they are expressions of personality and style. Whether you prefer a roomy bag, a chic minibag or a versatile handbag, this year’s trends offer options for every taste. Whether you are preparing for chilly autumn days or winter evenings, the new handbag collections will accompany you in style through every occasion.

The New Women’s Shoes Collection Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023-24: Style and Comfort in Focus

Autumn is just around the corner, and along with the cool breeze and warm colours of the leaves, it also brings with it enthusiasm for autumn and winter clothing. One of the key elements of any wardrobe are shoes, and the new women’s shoe collection for the autumn/winter season 2023-24 promises to impress with unparalleled style and comfort. From returns of beloved trends to bold new interpretations, here is a look at the trends that will dominate the women’s shoe scene in the coming months.

Autumn-winter shoe trend: a return to the past

Fashion is known for its endless cycle of trends, and this season is no exception. Women’s shoes for autumn/winter 2023-24 evoke the rebellious, grunge spirit of the 90s. Laced ankle boots, amphibians with chunky soles and metal details top the list of retro choices. The abundance of leather, studs and buckles gives these shoes a rock and urban look, perfect for adding a touch of grit to any outfit. Brands such as Cult and Guess perfectly reflect the style just described in this new collection.

Autumn-winter shoe trend: work boots

With the emphasis on functionality and comfort, work boots are a perfect choice for autumn and winter. The new collection features knee-high boot styles with non-slip soles and waterproof uppers, combining fashion and functionality in one package. From hiker-inspired styles to equestrian-style boots, these boots will be the perfect companions to tackle cold, wet days in style. Liu Jo, Via Roma, Dakota Boots, are increasingly popular boots both in past collections and in the coming seasons: winter footwear that will never go out of fashion.

Autumn-winter shoe trend: night-time glamour, elegant pumps

For special evenings and formal events, elegant pumps make their comeback with a modern twist. This season, designers play with a variety of shimmering materials, from iridescent velvet to shimmering metallics. Tapered heels and sharp toes are the key features of these models, which combine comfort and sophistication. Indulge in the magic of night-time glamour with a pair of pumps that are sure to catch the eye.

Autumn-winter shoe trend: timeless trainers

Trainers continue to dominate the world of women’s shoes, but this season sees a sporty reinterpretation. The new Hogan and Guess collections, as well as Crime London or NeroGiardini, present trainers with thick soles and bold details. Bright colours, technical materials and futuristic details turn these sports shoes into real works of art to wear. They are perfect for a casual yet fashionable look that can easily be customised to suit different occasions.

Autumn-winter shoe trend: honed loafers

If you are looking for effortless elegance, moccasins are the ideal choice. The new collection presents moccasins with clean, minimalist lines, made of fine leathers and with subtle details. Neutral tones and classic shapes give these shoes a sophisticated and timeless look. Perfect to pair with both formal and casual looks, the refined loafers are a versatile investment in your autumn wardrobe.

In conclusion, the new women’s shoe collection for autumn/winter 2023-24 offers a variety of styles ranging from retro trends to modern interpretations of classic shoes. This season emphasises the importance of combining style and comfort, offering options to suit every occasion and personality. Whether you are into glamour, grunge or timeless elegance, there is definitely a shoe that will allow you to express your unique style in the months to come.

The 6 Fashion Trends of the New Autumn-Winter Collection 2023-24: A Look at the Fashion Shows

Autumn and winter have always been periods of great creativity in the fashion world, and the new autumn-winter 2023-24 collection is no exception.

This year’s fashion shows presented us with a variety of styles, colours and details that promise to define our wardrobe for the cold season. From bold reinterpretations of timeless classics to avant-garde experimentation, here is a summary of the main trends that emerged from the catwalks.

Autumn-winter fashion trend: metropolitan glamour

This year’s catwalks celebrated the sensuality and elegance of the city. Evening dresses were reinvented with structured silhouettes and shimmering details. Long, flowing dresses are embellished with sparkling crystals, creating a sophisticated, modern style. The predominant colours are black, grey and midnight blue, evoking the mysterious atmosphere of urban evenings.

Autumn-winter fashion trend: a return to vintage

Nostalgia is a key element this season. Designers around the world have drawn inspiration from the 70s and 80s, bringing psychedelic prints, bell-bottoms and oversized jackets to the catwalk. This trend offers an opportunity to mix vintage pieces with contemporary touches, creating unique and personal looks.

Autumn-winter fashion trend: artistic eclecticism

Art meets fashion in this creative trend. Clothes have become works of art in themselves, with prints inspired by famous paintings and vivid colours that catch the eye. Designers have pushed conventional boundaries, overlapping fabrics and materials to create unique and unconventional garments.

Autumn-winter fashion trend: minimalist elegance

Minimalism is always in fashion, but this year it comes with a renewed sophistication. Clean lines and essential shapes have been emphasised in dresses and coats, with a neutral colour palette giving a sense of calm and sophistication. This trend lends itself to the creation of elegant and timeless looks.

Autumn-winter fashion trends: synthetic furs and innovative fabrics

Sustainability is in the spotlight this season. Many fashion houses have opted for synthetic furs and innovative fabrics that mimic the look and feel of traditional materials, but with a reduced environmental impact. This is an important sign of the industry’s commitment to more ethical and sustainable practices.

Autumn-winter fashion trend: XXL jackets

Women’s oversized jackets have conquered the catwalks and the wardrobes of many, redefining the very idea of elegance and style. Oversized jackets not only add a touch of sophistication to outfits, but also offer cosy comfort, ideal for tackling colder days in style. The versatility of these jackets is astonishing: they can be paired with casual outfits for a touch of edge or worn over more formal dresses to create a bold contrast. With a wide range of materials and colours to choose from, oversized jackets provide an opportunity to express individuality and embrace a fashion that celebrates freedom and authenticity.

In conclusion, the autumn-winter 2023-24 collection invites us to explore a wide range of styles and inspirations. From metropolitan brilliance to artistic eclecticism, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, the emphasis on sustainability and textile innovation underlines the importance of a responsible fashion industry. So get ready to experiment and play with fashion this season as you embrace these new trends with creativity and personality.


Rope Shoes: The Summer Trend of the Spring-Summer 2023 Collection and How to Match Them


With the arrival of the spring-summer 2023 season, the fashion catwalks lit up with bright colours and eye-catching textures. One of the most interesting and in vogue trends this year is footwear with rope bottoms.

This versatile, eco-friendly material is conquering the wardrobes of men and women alike, offering a natural, relaxed touch to every outfit. In this article, we explore the appeal of rope shoes from the spring-summer 2023 collection and give some valuable tips on how to combine them in style.

Rope shoes: always on trend

Rope shoes perfectly embody the summery, informal spirit that characterises the spring-summer season. Made from natural materials such as jute or other woven fibres, these shoes offer a boho-chic look that suits a wide range of styles. From espadrilles to wedges, trainers to sandals, the options are endless. The rope lends a rustic and authentic touch to the shoes, creating a charming contrast with light fabrics and bright colours.

Rope shoes: Espadrilles are a must in summer

The S-S 2023 collection of Espadrilles sandals celebrates the timeless tradition of this iconic summer shoe. The sandals are skilfully crafted, skilfully combining natural materials such as jute, cotton and leather. The characteristic woven jute sole, which is the heart of Espadrilles, has been reinterpreted in various ways to offer a mix of classic and innovative designs.

One of the most attractive features of this collection is its versatility. Espadrilles sandals are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from casual to elegant. You can wear them with a light dress for a sunset stroll along the beach, or pair them with a pair of jeans and a shirt for a casual yet polished look. Moreover, the variety of models available, from heeled to flat sandals, means you can find the perfect pair for every personal style. Whether you are walking the city streets or enjoying a day at the beach, Espadrilles sandals are the perfect accessory to complete your summer look.

Rope shoes: a Mou ankle boot for a fashionable summer look

The S-S 2023 collection of Mou’s rope ankle boots represents a fascinating evolution of summer trends. Each ankle boot is crafted with surprising attention to detail, with the woven rope playing a central role in their aesthetic. The rope weave not only lends a unique touch to each pair, but also increases their durability, ensuring that these ankle boots are ready for any summer adventure.

What makes this Mou ankle boot collection so irresistible is its versatility. Perfect for day or evening, these ankle boots easily adapt to different occasions. Pair them with a light and airy dress for a casual yet sophisticated look for an afternoon stroll around town. Or, choose to dress them up with an elegant dress for an evening out, catching the admiring glances of those around you.

Rope shoes: to give your look an even more summery touch

Whether you want to wear a pair of sandals or glamorous ankle boots, you can’t go wrong with rope shoes in summer. Harmonious weaves and warm colours for your look that wants to follow every step of fashion 2023. A trend that is always being researched, rope will never go out of fashion because its versatility will allow you to be perfect for any occasion.

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