Swimwear 2023, trends and the best models to be chic at the beach


Summer 2023 is coming, and with it will also come new swimwear trends. This year we will see some styles from the past revisited in a modern key, together with new innovative trends. Bikini or monokini? Bandeau or lace-up? What will be the most popular swimwear 2023?

Among the most popular trends for summer 2023 will be high-waisted swimming costumes, which emphasise the female figure and give a retro touch to the style. These swimming costumes are perfect for those who want to feel comfortable and confident, thanks to the extra coverage offered by the high waist.

Swimwear 2023, the grand return of the monokini

One-piece swimming costumes, called monokinis, will also make a big comeback in 2023, thanks to their elegant and sophisticated style. These swimming costumes are perfect for those who want to cover their curves and feel comfortable in any situation. But also for those who love vintage style, class and bon ton evoking a Sofia Loren on the shoreline. In this new 4Giveness collection available in our online shop, the one-piece swimming costumes feature slits and openings in a mix of geometric and tribal patterns.


Summer 2023, bikinis reign in beachwear

For those who prefer bikinis, the two-piece swimming costume, there will be several trends to choose from. One of the main trends of 2023 will be the bandeau bikini, which gives a chic and fashionable touch to any beach outfit. Bikinis with ties will also be very popular, thanks to their versatility and the possibility to customise your look. Fringed, in a shiny effect, triangle, every bikini will be the right one to be in step with fashion even at the seaside.

Swimwear 2023, fabrics and patterns from sea to forest

But it is not only the shape of swimwear that will be important in 2023: fabrics and prints will also be the focus of attention. Soft, comfortable fabrics such as jersey and Lycra will be very popular, while floral prints and animal prints will be a favourite among women looking for a lively summer look.


Swimwear 2023. bikinis and monokinis in sustainable fabrics

Another emerging trend in 2023 is the use of sustainable materials for the production of swimwear. These swimming costumes are made from environmentally friendly and recycled fabrics, such as nylon and polyester made from plastic bottles. The use of sustainable materials not only helps to reduce environmental impact, but also to create high-quality and durable swimwear.

In conclusion, 2023 will see a wide variety of trends in swimwear, with swimwear for every taste and style. Whether you prefer one-piece swimming costumes, bikinis or high-waisted swimming costumes, you are sure to find a look to suit you. Also remember to choose sustainable fabrics to help protect the environment and enjoy your fashionable look in harmony with the planet.

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