Black Friday 2021: the blackest day that exists

Have you ever wondered why this famous Friday is so black?

The American tradition has it that this phenomenon of sales takes place precisely in the aftermath of Thanksgiving, a holiday that in the USA is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. While in 1621 pilgrims thank God for a good harvest, almost four centuries later in the 1960s, shopkeepers got into the habit of offering special discounts to encourage shopping and kickstart Christmas shopping. Different customs but common goal: to enrich the “harvest”.

Why really black? At the time, the books of accountants were filled in with pen using two colors: red for loss accounts and black for positive accounts. And on that Friday after Thanksgiving, thanks to promotions, the accounts were definitely in the black. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to this version, a much more frenetic one: how black do you see it on the streets, between traffic and queues in the shops? | Down Jacket Marella – Dress Mariuccia Milano – Bag Ermanno Scervino – Boots Liu Jo

After this brief historical introduction, let’s move on to Fratinardi’s Black Friday. How fond are you of promotions, fashion and shopping? Science says it: shopping is good and if you do it with discounts even better. wants to make its customers’ dreams come true by offering them the opportunity to buy that bag they have always wanted, that pair of shoes always admired in the shop windows or that dress that has only ever been seen in the catalog. With Fratinardi you can fulfill all this with discounts of up to 50% on the new collection. | Cardigan e Dress Mariuccia Milano Kids | Ankle Boots Mou.

Starting from Tuesday 23 until November 30, the categories of the site will be teeming with crazy discount percentages so as to allow everyone to fill their cart. Buy with one click and you will receive your shoes, your bag or your dress, at your home with free shipping and delivery in 24 hours. What else do you want?

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